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15 Really Cute Nails

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3. Heart to heart nail art

This creation is honorably easy and fabulous. If you have red nail paint, a base and top coat, at that point be prepared to be the focal point of fascination over the group. This design is said to be ideal for a date and does not require any sort of uncommon skills.

• Apply the base coat

• Paint your fingertips with heart design steadily.

• Complete it with top coat. It’s simple but attracts almost any individual who sees it.

4. Summer nail art

Get bundle of design clubbed in one and claim the look. The summer nails that are supposed to be enthusiastic comprise three one of a kind designs that include sparkly sea water, sea shore starfish and seashells of oceans. It gives out a marvelous result. It’s not by any means a difficulty for beginners not to mention the experts.

• Do a turquoise and white inclination for shiny water with scarcely any small strips of waves

• Draw appealing starfishes on one nail

• And cut sea shells on another

• Give it appropriate covering and you are summer prepared

5. Spotted French

There are positively times where you need to stay calm and float along with “less is more”. This design is impeccably able for you. Just get a bare color and gushing brushes.

• Paint nails with naked shade

• Make two lines of dots on the edges with white paint.

• Seal the look with top cover and carry on with the life of class.

These nail art is as good as glitter nails. One needs to be passionate about life to sport such beautiful and eccentric looks. So now you realize that doing nail art at home is fun as well.

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Really Cute Nails, 15 Really Cute Nails,,

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