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7 Simple Farmhouse Window Treatments

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Windows offer a great opportunity to express your personal sense of style and let the sunshine in, making your kitchen more pleasant for cooking, visiting or getting a charge out of a dinner. Kitchens don’t request the same degree of security as say a bedroom, but you still may need to include insurance from splendid sunlight while you include a little decorative punch. Here are some truly moderate ideas that are fun, stylish and ideal for carrying a little attitude to kitchen windows.

Include a Decorative Shelf

Everybody can use a little more display space in the kitchen. Install a glass shelf across your windows and you have a noticeable spot to display your favorite collectibles or tend to a social affair of pruned herbs or houseplants. Glass shelves will keep the space looking brilliant and open while still letting you show off lovely glass bottles filled with fresh flowers or a gathering of vintage cow creamers. Plus the glass is lightweight and easy to clean.

Dress up a Plain Window Treatment

Plain white blinds, shades or curtains are easy to embellish with paint and a stencil. Choose kitchen based themes like fruit and veggies or create an abstract design or house inspired rickrack look. Or then again how about including content or graphics that tie into your Tuscan, French nation or farmhouse topic?

Resort to Frugal Tea-Towel Curtains

Tea towels have gone from basic necessity to decorative accessory: You can discover them in each color, style, example and design believable and you can get them for by nothing at a discount store. If you like, you can customize them with lace, buttons or decorative edging based on your personal preference. Stitch a pocket fix on one end and hang them as bistro curtains with a drapery bar mounted at the level expected to fit your window’s length.

Light Up

Splendidly colored curtains, blinds or shades can add a fly of color to your windows. Choose your favorite colors in geometric shades, stripes, polka dots or other strong graphics. If you need to be really affordable, choose plain white shades and create your own designs with contact paper, wall paper or decals.

Manufacture a Cornice

A cornice is usually produced using wood and painted or shrouded in texture or wall paper. You can make your own with a bit of wood cut to fit the width of your window at that point draw a scrolled, arched or toothed design on the base bit of the board. Use a jigsaw to cut out your design at that point paint the wood or envelop it by your preferred texture. Neatly fold the texture on the back and secure with rock solid staples. A little creativity goes far when it comes to decorating your kitchen windows. Browse on the web or in your favorite decorating magazines for no particular reason ideas to use as your inspiration – at that point ‘steal’ the ideas that intrigue most to you and customize the search for your kitchen.

Farmhouse Window Treatments, 7 Simple Farmhouse Window Treatments,,

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